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El Salvador: A Deeply Divided Country

Dr. Frank J. Kendrick, a Senior Research Fellow at the Council of Hemispheric Affairs, recently published an article that details the deep political, economic and ideological divisions that still exist in El Salvador. Despite El Salvador’s significant development since the FMLN and Salvadoran Government signed the Peace Accords over sixteen years ago, the country still lacks the political and social cohesion necessary for continued growth.

In the article,Dr. Kendrick discusses how these divisions play out in the Legislative Assembly where partisan conflicts have erupted over socio-economic issues, such as CAFTA. He also highlights how political divisions are apparent in approaches towards El Salvador’s high rates of murder and crime.  The article also examines the presidential candidates for the ARENA and FMLN parties, and their very different approaches to the campaign.

The divisions that Dr. Kendrick has identified existed long before civil war broke out in 1980, and unfortunately the Peace Accords failed to address them.  If all goes well, the next President of El Salvador will be able to unite all Salvadorans around a common cause of peace, and social and economic prosperity.

(Click here to read the entire article).


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