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Election Update

•This Saturday, voter registration for the El Salvador elections closed. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) reported that there are 4,226,000 voters officially registered to vote in 2009. Xiomara Avilés, Electoral Director for the TSE says this figure shows 425, 439 more voters registered than in 2006. The TSE got rid of 10,386 names in the registry that were names that were illegitimately registered, either because they were deceist, no longer qualified, or a mistaken name repeat. The next step for the TSE is to assign voters to voting centers. Voting center placement should be available to the public by the end of December.


•The country of El Salvador recently received a slightly lower “score of risk” on its “Standards and Poors” report. The country’s grade slipped from a “BB+ with stable perspective” to a “BB+ with a negative perspective”. The current administration of President Antonio Saca, upon hearing of the downgrade, blamed the threat that a FMLN victory poses in the upcoming elections.

FMLN candidate Muricio Funes calls President Saca’s remarks “irresponsible” and calls on the President to focus on his current roll as the leader of the country that is experiencing financial and social distress.

The lower grade was reportedly due to lack of productivity, accelerating inflation, low technology and social advancement scores.

Analysts agree that the Salvadoran population is experiencing a period of uncertainty due to the upcoming elections.

Anna Sanger- SHARE Foundation- Grassroots Education and Advocacy Intern


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  1. How can it come that we have 4,226,000 voters officially registered to vote in 2009 and only 3,422,482 persons 18 years old and over (vote age), registered by the Census in 2007?

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