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Election Update

The El Salvador Armed Forces (FAES) have promised not to interfere in the elections and furthermore have promised to respect whichever party and candidate wins the regional elections in January and the Presidential elections in March.

The Minister of Defense, Jorge Alberto Molina, confirms the Armed Forces non-partisan status. Molina did acknowledge that there are groups outside of the Armed Forces that are comprised of military veterans that are opposed to the FMLN party and their run for political power.

Molina’s defense of the FAES’s non-partisan stance comes after the ARENA party Presidential candidate Avila spoke to the Association of Military Veterans (AsVem). Avila, using “historical and ideological rhetoric” reminded the veterans of their previous fight against Communism and praised their heroism in the war that ended with the Peace Accords signed by the government and the FMLN party in 1992.

Some veterans fear that the FMLN has plans to dissolve the Armed Forces and the law that grants amnesty to ex-soldiers potentially accused o human rights violations and war crimes in the past civil war. Molinas points out that the El Salvador Constitution ensures the continued existence of the FAES. As for the amnesty law, Molinas highlights the potential for extreme destabilization if such laws are revoked. Ultimately, the Defense Minister hopes for stability and harmony in the Salvadoran government.


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