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US/Salvadoran Academics Discuss Election Intervention

At a recent meeting in San Salvador between a group of Salvadoran and North American scholars, as well as representatives from institutions like the Procuraduría de Derecho Humanos, it was determined that the United States should not seek to influence in the Salvadoran elections.

The group’s conclusions were summed up in a document that they plan to send to United States media. Their main concerns were: electoral violence, foreign (especially US) intervention, electoral reforms that could lead to fraud, statements made to the US government by Salvadoran officials.

US scholar William Robinson, a participant in the “electoral crossroads in Latin America” meeting, claims the day was a success and that they will continue to strive for democratic, free, and transparent elections with universal suffrage.


Article link: Académicos creen que injerencia estadounidense podría afectar elecciones | 27 de Septiembre de 2008 | – Más de un Siglo de Credibilidad


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