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ARENA Candidate Avila narrows down Vice President picks

FMLN Presidential Candidate Mauricio Funes chose his running mate weeks ago, while ARENA candidate Rodrigo Avila has just recently narrowed his potential partners to three.

José Ángel Quirós, Patricia Figueroa and Arturo Zablah are officially Avila’s top vice presidential picks.

Quirós is said to be more of a technically profficient potential. He has served with presidential administrations before, for example, serving as the Minister of Public Affairs under Francisco Flores.

Figuerosa would bring a combination of skills; she has served as ambassador to India and worked in the Ministry of the Economy.

Zablah is supposed to be able to sway undecided voters on the center and left.

Avila says he is not postponing his decision as part of a strategy, but was hoping to consolidate the ARENA party before making his next move.


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