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This week in El Salvador elections…

As previously mentioned, the foreign minister from El Salvador, Marisol Argueta, visited the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington DC on September 18th. Argueta called for the United States government to take more action in Latin America, mentioning the threat she felt leftist governments would pose to US national safety.

Many have criticized Argueta’s call for US intervention and her rhetoric that implied that the FMLN party in El Salvador and the FARC in Colombia could potentially be related.

The FMLN quickly denounced the foreign minister for encouraging what they saw as an unjust call for US interference that has plagued Salvadoran elections for decades. El Salvador’s Constitution of the Republic article 218 forbids that government officials let their partisan affiliation interfere with their duties.

President Saca, of the ARENA party does not condemn Argueta’s actions. He has repeatedly backed her presentation, upholding that Argueta is practicing her democratic right to free speech. He also reiterated that he believes that an FMLN victory would be dangerous for Central America.

Representatives of the United States have expressed no intent to intervene. The El Salvador ambassador Charles Glazer and other officials have mentioned that the US will support whichever candidate the Salvadoran people fairly elect.


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