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Avila choses Zablah

ARENA party presidential candidate Rodrigo Avila has chosen Arturo Zablah as his running mate.

Zablah, in the past, has been seen as a centrist, previously criticizing ARENA party actions. Even with his centrist view, he is not considered very popular with people on the left or right politically.

The decision of Zablah is seen as a sign that Avila is going for a platform of change. Salvadorans show much discontent with ARENA performance in the past, including with current ARENA President Saca.

ARENA party founder, Hugo Barrera, also acknowledges that ARENA has had its failures, especially when it comes to the job market and social improvements. Public order, he knows, must be established.

The position of Vice President has previously been a merely decorative position, but Zablah has expressed desire to increase the power of the VP.

FMLN candidate Mauricio Funes demonstrated an indifferent attitude to the news.


  • The Supreme Electoral Tribunal has announced that elections will be conducted using unsmudgeable ink when voting. The ink will remain on voters’ fingerprints so that they can only vote once, in one location.
  • Salvadoran foreign minister Marisol Argueta has stated that her speech recently made at American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC, seemingly calling for US intervention in the elections and warning about the dangers of an FMLN win, was misconstrued in a “highly politicized atmosphere”.

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