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More Election Reforms

There was major disagreement amongst the five majority parties in the Hacienda Commission of the Legislative Assembly discussing electoral reform once again.

The argument over whether ballots will need to be signed and stamped by an official of the Vote Receiving Committee (JRV) in order to be counted has been ongoing since December of 2007 when the PCN and ARENA decided that neither was necessary to make a vote official.

Early this year, FMLN, PDC, and PCN were all able to agree on a proposition of certain electoral reforms. The agreement was that all ballots had to be signed and stamped or officially verified (by serial number for example) and that any JRV official who violated official handling of the ballots would be fined.

On October 15, 2008, the ARENA representative realized the other parties had agreed and asked to be given time to mull over the agreement. When the party representatives came together for what was supposed to be a final meeting the reforms seemed consensual.

Within forty-seven minutes of the meeting ARENA representative Romero claimed that there was no consensus on the new accords, causing an FMLN candidate to leave the room in frustration. Ultimately the PCN party seemed to have been swayed by ARENA to join their attempt to stop the agreement from moving forward.

Since there was no agreement reached amongst the parties the reform will be filed for another six months, and evaluated at a later date.

Anna Sanger. SHARE Foundation. Grassroots Education and Advocacy Intern


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