What’s Driving El Salvador’s Left Turn?                                                      

by: Susan Fitzpatrick Behrens

Click Here  for an overview of the election and an analysis of what is making the FMLN party’s campaign successful. The article specifically addresses the “open social “dialogue” that the FMLN is trying to engage in with Salvadoran citizens at home and abroad.

Posted by: Anna Sanger- SHARE Foundation Intern


November Update

Election News Timeline for November 2008

November 5th: The Legislative Assembly passed with 61 votes additional reforms to the electoral code. These reforms require the Secretary of each “Vote Receiving Board” (JRV) to sign and stamp the ballot, then show it to the other members of the JRV, to the electoral observers and to the person that will be casting his/her vote on the ballot. Ballots without signatures may still be counted if they prove to be official based on registration number, the presence of the seal of the Republic, and other characteristics. Also, any JRV official who does not fulfill his/her obligation to sign a ballot will be fined $114 .

November 8th: Alledged attacks by FMLN opposition on an ARENA caravan carrying ARENA presidential candidate Rodrigo Avila occured in Meanguera, Morazán. A group of persons dressed in the colors and symbols of the FMLN political party attacked a caravan with stones and sticks. The aggression resulted in damages to the vehicles and injuries. All parties, the FMLN, ARENA, the TSE, and the Attorney’s Office for the Defense of Human Rights (PDDH), have spoken out against the attacks and insist that this sort of political violence must cease.


November 10th: 21 year old student and Secretary of the FMLN grassroots committee David Antonio Péñate was shot by unknown gunmen in the city of Chalchuapa. The victim was selling a weekly FMLN publication only 10 meters away from his home when he was approaced by three persons, one who had their face covered and shot at Péñate multiple times. According to the investigation led by the Legal Department of the Archbishop of San Salvador, there is sufficient evidence that the crime was planned with the goal of eliminateing community leaders of the FMLN political party. The homicide went unoticed by Salvadoran media.  

November 14th: The official Presidential campaign began. The Constitution calls for the official campaigning season for the President to begin four months prior to the March 15 elections. Now that the official season has begun, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, who have previously been not taken action against “dirty campaign” tactics, will no longer have an excuse not to regulate.

November 17th: Official campaign season for Legislative Assembly elections began.


Michelle Petrotta, Anna Sanger. SHARE Foundation.