ARENA wins San Salvador

Despite polls indicating incumbent FLMN Violeta Menjívar would win reelection, ARENA rival Norman Quijano won the election and is set to be the new mayor of San Salvador.
San Salvador has been a FMLN stronghold for 12 years.

While the FMLN accepts the results, they denounced the mobilization of Salvadorans from other parts of the country and the buses transporting other Central Americans into the city to vote.

“We are a responsible political force and we are accepting the results of the TSE,” stated Menjívar in a news conference, but she urged the municipality to address the illegitimate mobilization of voters who were not from the capital so that it does not happen in future elections. She called more generally for reform in the electoral system, citing the need for more transparency.

Mauricio Funes, the FMLN candidate for the presidential elections in March, commented on the loss, saying that the people of San Salvador lost faith in Menjívar’s work. Quijano successfully campaigned on a message of change, something difficult for an incumbent to advertise.

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Disruption in San Isidro

The January 18 municipal and legislative elections in San Isidro, Cabañas, were suspended after the political parties PDC, PCN, ARENA, and CD reported fraud and suspected foreign voters.

The election was halted in the morning and postponed until a week later, January 25.  To increase control and avoid further disruptions, the polling place was moved to the Centro Escolar de San Isidro. The National Civil Police deployed 300 officers and set up checkpoints along the road to the polls to ensure there weren’t any violent confrontations between the different parties.

There was a low turnout on the rescheduled day for the election, with only 3,385 of the 6,605 registered voters going to the polls.

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Election Results: Legislative Elections

With all but two municipalities reporting, the FMLN has secured the most number of deputy seats in the Legislative Assembly.

Legislative Election Results

Legislative Election Results

The Revolutionary Democratic Front (FDR) did not win enough votes to elect either a deputy or a mayor.

More than 2.2 million people (54%) turned out to vote, a percentage similar to that in the 2006 elections.

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Election Results: Municipal Elections

As of Friday night (January 23), the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) announced the final results from the January 18 Legislative and Municipal Elections.

259 of the 262 municipal elections have been called. The results stand as such:

Municipal Elections Results

Municipal Elections Results

The new municipalities the FMLN won means it now governs 3 million Salvadorans, roughly half the population.

The three undeclared municipalities are San Agustín (Usultán), San Simón (Morazán), and San Isidro (Cabañas).

The FLMN and ARENA tied in San Agustín, each winning 877 votes on January 18. There will be a runoff election between the two party on February 1.

The TSE investigated the results from four municipalities where the winning margin was small and could be overturned by the contested votes. However, the TSE declared ARENA to win all four municipalities: Olocuilta (La Paz), San Cayetano Istepeque (San Vicente), Concepción Quezaltepeque (Chalatenango), and El Carmen (La Unión).

The mayors will take office on May 1, 2009 and will govern until April 30, 2012.

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