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NPR article on Salvadoran elections

NPR had a story on All Things Considered about the upcoming presidential election in El Salvador. The article gives a brief overview of the FMLN and presidential candidate Mauricio Funes, whom supporters call “El Salvador’s Barack Obama.”


Corruption has been rampant in El Salvador, and Funes promises to “go after the corrupt government and send them to jail.” Even some ARENA officials are now denouncing the corruption in the government.

Despite Funes’s appeal as a moderate, ARENA is trying to mask Funes’ ideas under the classical image of a leftist FMLN. ARENA is asserting that Funes’ campaign is financed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, and that an FMLN victory would bring the government to the far left.

To read the full article, click here

Posted by Leslie O’Bray, SHARE Grassroots Education and Advocacy Intern


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