Wall Street Journalist accuses FMLN of following in Chavez’s footsteps; Funes says Venezuela will “not meddle” in El Salvador

Mary Anastasia O’Grady wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal about the supposed threat of an FMLN-win in El Salvador to another “Chávez satellite” in Latin America. There is a claim that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez sent Salvadoran President Antonio Saca a message after Guatemala inaugurated leftist President Alvaro Colom. The message allegedly said, “Now I’ve got you surrounded.”

O’Grady says that ARENA presidential candidate Rodrigo Ávila, though behind in the polls, has a good chance of winning since many Salvadorans fear an “importation of the chavista agenda.” She further highlights the “difficulties” Ávila is facing because of the previous president’s record. President Saca has caused trouble for the country in numerous ways, particularly through economic underperformance, which has adverse affects on Ávila’s chances for winning. She says that despite Funes’ moderate stance, he could be overpowered by the more traditional leftist beliefs of the FMLN party.

Responding to claims of a leftist government  and of Venezuela interference in El Salvador, Funes said before the Council of Professional Associations in El Salvador, “In the same way that I will not meddle in Venezuelan politics, the Venezuelan government will not meddle in our internal affairs.

Posted by Leslie O’Bray, SHARE Grassroots Education and Advocacy Intern


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  1. This is embarrassing. The only way a paper like the WSJ would be confident that Avila could win is that they expect US interference – and with reports, although who reads the WSJ, like this, here’s to hoping the FMLN will win fairly.

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