Salvadorans denounce political violence and defamation from the election campaigns

La Prensa Grafica released the findings from a poll on Salvadoran opinions of the electoral campaign. Surprisingly, most Salvadorans felt good about the electoral campaign, with two principle complaints: violence between different party activists and the public defamation messages. People associate violence in the street more with the FMLN and defamation – the dirty campaign – with ARENA.

When asked if there was a positive or negative attitude in the campaign, 40.9% reported positive attitudes, and 39.3% said negative. They noted that the campaigns became more negative as election day neared.

The most positive thing from the campaign was the proposals for government. For ARENA, people remembered most the promise for “more and better jobs” and to build houses for those in need. The FMLN is associated with good proposals and help to the poor, but also acts of violence against the activists of the opposing parties.

Regardless of which party won, Salvadorans hoped that the new government would continue FOSALUD, which placed a tax on arms licenses, alcohol and cigarettes. The money raised has been used to buy ambulances and to offer 24 hour medical service in the majority of health care units.

Salvadorans also wish to continue the Red Solidaria, a program that gives subsidies to families in extreme poverty that send and keep their kids in school.

Posted by Leslie O’Bray, SHARE Grassroots Education and Advocacy Intern


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