This blog was established by the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections in El Salvador which is an international organization of civic-minded organizations, religious groups, and individuals working to promote free, fair, and peaceful elections in El Salvador.

For the Charter of the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections in El Salvador click below:

Coalition for Free and Fair Elections in El Salvador 2009

For more information regarding the Salvadoran elections click below:

2009 Salvadoran Elections Overview: Fact Sheet

For an overview on the political murders that have taken place click below:

Political Murders: Fact Sheet

The University of Central America came out with its latest poll:


An executive at a business in El Salvador distributed an intimidation letter to its employees three days before the January 18 election. Read the letter here:
In English

In Spanish

To go to the buiness RAF’s website, click here.

Read the report of the Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of the American States (in Spanish).

Letter to OAS

The Council on Hemispheric Affairs has released a report on the January elections in El Salvador, detailing the “mixed results” of the legislative elections. The report provides a brief overview of the history of fraud and intervention in elections and how they affected this year’s results.

COHA’s article on the election results.

Roger Noriega was the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affaires under former President George W. Bush. He is currently a Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank located in Washington, D.C. Last year he organized an event featuring El Salvador’s Foreign Minister Marisol Argueta.

In this article, he offers a distinct viewpoint on what an FMLN victory would mean in El Salvador, arguing that while Mauricio Funes may have a reasonable platform, the FMLN could ignore him and run the country on more leftist policies.

Noriega’s article.

To view the letters being sent to US Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice and El Salvador President Elías Antonio Saca concerning the statements of Salvadoran Foreign Minister Marisol Argueta that called for US intervention in El Salvador’s elections click below.The letters express concern for the sovereignty of the Salvadoran people in their elections and demand a just and legal election process free from intervention from the United States.

Letter to President Saca

Carta a Presidente Saca

To view the Press Release for the exciting news that over 400 citizens and organizations signed the petition to President Saca concerning Minister Marisol Argueta:

Press Release

Comunicado de Prensa

For an pronouncement of International and National Opinion regarding the legitimacy of the election form the Citizen Action for Democracy click below:

ACD Pronouncement of International and Public Opinion

For an overview of the election and an analysis of what is making the FMLN party’s campaign successful; this article specifically addresses the “open social “dialogue” that the FMLN is trying to engage in with Salvadoran citizens at home and abroad:

What’s Driving El Salvador’s Left Turn


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  1. I’d like to subscribe to this blog, but it is not clear how. Please advise.

  2. Ms Beckman,

    Thank you so much for your interest in the Free and Fair Elections Blog. We really appreciate your concern for the important issues facing free and fair elections in El Salvador. The blog was established by a group of grassroots organizations: SHARE Foundation, Sister Cities- El Salvador, CISPES, Voices on the Border, among others. These organizations are currently the only ones who can post on the blog. We hope you continue to read the Free and Fair Elections Blog and share comments.
    Let us know if you are interested in working further regarding El Salvador.
    For more information about current events and issues in El Salvador, check out the SHARE-Foundation blog at You can also join SHARE-Foundation’s E-News that provides bi-monthly news and culture updates .

    Thank you,
    Anna Sanger, SHARE-Foundation Intern

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