Public Opinion Surveys

The University of Central America has published a pre-election survey. The survey shows that, of those polled, many do not have faith in the electoral process. The survey also shows that the majority of those polled favor the FMLN party and their Presidential candidate Mauricio Funes, seemingly because of high levels of discontent with the current state of El Salvador. To view a copy of the UCA’s report click below:

Download Most recent UCA poll (published October 8th, 2008)

A pre-election poll was also taken, some weeks earlier, by the Francisco Gavidia Univerity’s Center for Public Opinion. This survey is mentioned in the UCA report. To view, click below:

Download UFG electoral preferences poll (published September 2008)

The University of Central America has also published another survey evaluating the people’s perception of the Saca government’s performance for the fourth year. Compared to former evaluations of this government, this is the lowest degree obtained since it came into position in 2004. A third part of the people (34,7%) thinks that the government is performing bad or very bad. On the other hand, 45,3% of the people thinks that it is doing well or very well. A fifth part of the population (19,9%) evaluates its performance as regular. The overall evaluation is based on a range of factors and a number of 1258 adults partaking.

Download UCA Survey of people’s opinion of actual government (published May 2008).

CID Gallup, a Latin American market research and public opinion company has performed a survey over voter preferences for the upcoming Salvadoran presidential elections 2009. The poll shows that the FMLN canditate, Mauricio Funes, is a head in front of the ARENA candidate, Rodrigo Avila. The poll also shows that Funes and the current president, Antonio Saca, are the most popular politicians.

(published August 2008)

The company Borge & Asociados has performed this voter preference survey for the newspaper El Diario de Hoy. It shows that the ARENA candidate, Rodrigo Avila, has gained terrain the last month and taken a lot of before indecisive voters.–002P.PDF

(published October 2008)

The El Salvadoran newspaper, La Prensa Grafica, has published this survey which measures both intentional voting preferences and opinion on who people think will win the elections. Surprisingly, there is a disparity between these two indicators. (published July 2008)

The El Salvadoran University of Technology has performed a comprehensive survey over presidential election voter preferences, and also socio-economic conditions in the country. The poll shows that the FMLN candidate, Mauricio Funes, is ahead in the voter preferences.


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